Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rashid's Naruto 521 Prediction Part 2

The completed tech which rasengan is the basic block is FR (Naruto) and for Minato it would have been RR that’s as far as he envisaged IMO…believing he had a few more steps to rasengan when he couldn’t get his elemental affinity of lightning into it but having faith/hope his future child would be able to do that and more that’s stretching things/reaching IMO.

Rashid's Naruto 521 Prediction

Naruto 521 - The Resurrection of Madara Uchiha

Chapter opens up to Madara

Madara: Ah. So that how it works huh?

Kabuto: Precisely.

Madara thinking "what a fool. It's time to break this deal. In the end the snake falls dead to a bird."

Madara gazes at Kabuto.

Tyrannos' Naruto 522 Prediction

Naruto Chapter 522 Prediction: Mastery over the Kyuubi.

(The Traditional Holiday Cliffhanger).

Naruto is ready to master "That Jutsu".

Kakashi and Sakura are victorious over Zabuza and Haku. Haku learns from Sakura how much Naruto has grown and Haku is thankful and acsends. Even Zabuza is happy that things have changed as well.

Tyrannos' Naruto 521 Prediction

Naruto Chapter 521 Prediction: The Reunion

Kakashi and Sakura reunite with Zabuza and Haku. Sakura squares off with Haku and remembers how she was so weak back then, but now shes determined to be victorious and being her catching up with Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi and Zabuza, while clashing, make up for lost time and learns who is controlling him.

Meanwhile, Naruto finally gets the 8:2 ratio and creates the Biju Rasengan. Now is the final step, mastery of the Kyuubi.

Villain HQ's Naruto 521 Prediction

Naruto 521: Kitsuchi, revealed.

Kabuto: The best part of this tech is that it poses no risk to the user at all.

Madara: I see, very convenient.

Kabuto: Ku ku ku. Ok if that’s all I’ll have to go. (Brings out Anko) Got work to do. See ya. (Forms a seal and disappears in flames)

Madara: (talks to himself) I’ll be watching ur every move.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shounensuki's Naruto 519 Spoiler

Naruto's gonna learn a new Rasengan it seem..

B explains the Bijū Ball to Naruto. The blast of chakra the Bijū spit out

From what i can tell, Naruto cannot change into Bijū Form so cannot do the actual Bijū Ball, but somehow the Rasengan is similar to it, so B and Naruto try to alter it into a Bijū ball

Naruto cannot actually change into the Kyūbi like the othre jinchūriki can

Apparently because that requires the cooperation of the bijū themselves

Ohana's Naruto 519 Raw Spoiler Script

NARUTO 519 尾獣玉

サソリ …
カンクロウ クグツ使いが操らちゃおしまいじゃん!アンタにもアンタを操ってる奴にも…
こっちは意地でも負けらんねエー 同じサソリを操ってるならなおさら本物を操るクグツ忍者とし てよ!…